The New Year’s Wish

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Bog & Idé

Matt Peterson is living the life every guy dreams of as a young, successful movie star. He’s got it all, except the woman of his dreams. When his trusted assistant Kayla disappears in a snowstorm, a few days before New Year’s Eve, he can no longer hide the lingering feelings he has for her. When he finds her again, he must decide whether to risk losing the best assistant he’s ever had by telling her what she really means to him.
Note: this is a novella.

Sagt om The New Year’s Wish :

“The New Year’s Wish was such a sweet read with a little spice thrown in. I really enjoyed Sophia’s style of weaving the emerging plot with back story and friendly banter. A few things I like about The New Year’s Wish; not all characters are American. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but being a non-American, it’s always nice to read about someone from another country; I especially enjoyed reading from Matt’s point of view. You really get a strong sense of his feelings towards Kayla. This was a very lovely read and a great one to pick up for the holidays.” – Danielle Taylor

Uddrag fra bogen:

“If Kayla was here, she’d known exactly what to do. How cruel the irony it was, that she was always there for me, and now I couldn’t figure out how to be there for her. I couldn’t even ring the bloody police! The phones didn’t work, even though the snowstorm was beginning to settle.
The night was turning into day outside, but my heart was pitch dark. What had happened to her?
Why was she suddenly MIA only hours after dropping me off? Somehow it never occurred to me that something could happen to Kayla that she wasn’t in control over. She worked the world around her to solve my problems, day and night as easy as she was breathing. To me she had always appeared bullet proof. Solid, strong and dependable. Why was she suddenly not in control? Why wasn’t she on the phone scolding me for accidentally switching our tickets, or in the midst of persuading someone at the airport to let her fly with them without one? Why wasn’t she calling me back? Why was her suitcase lying on the road? A strong clammy hand held my heart in its grip and all I could think was please, don’t let her be dead.”


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